Vandana Sharma

Vandana Sharma

Founder, Chairperson, Director, Power of Powers & Power of Goddess Sekhmet Master Teacher Facilitator, Source Energy Healer, ThetaHealing ® Practitioner Phone : Fax :

Mrs. Vandana Sharma is the inventor of the most powerful healing technique in the world – “The Power Of Powers “. She is The Power of Powers & The Power of Goddess Sekhmet Master, Teacher & facilitator. She is a Theta Healing Practitioner also. She is an entrepreneur and a self motivated woman. She is the inventor of a unique and most advanced astrology and vastu science in the world.

She has a special and unique relation with Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Durga, Lord Hanuman since her childhood. Over a period of time she developed a very- very special and unique relation with Goddess Sekhmet, Goddess ISIS, and the Creator/Universe. Since the beginning of her life, she was keen to know the real purpose of her life. She had many health problems including Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Hernia, Hypothyroidism, Low Blood Pressure, Heart Problem. She learnt healing to cure herself after her interaction with Power of Powers when during deep meditative state she felt an extremely powerful energy surge of Power of Powers. The Power of Powers interacted directly with a human on earth for the first time that day. In fact she is the daughter of Power Of Powers in her past. So it is a special blessing to her and her family. Her this interaction with Power of Powers was a life changing event in her life.

The biggest example of her healing is that she has got rid of her all health issues completely. In fact she is the only person on this earth probably to heal her Hernia without any surgery. Whatever she does is always unique.

She is the Main Healer of Sekhem Healing Centre and the most powerful of all. In fact she is the most powerful healer on earth of all times. She is an excellent time traveler and has the ability to heal past / future. She can read your subconscious mind very clearly and she is capable of transforming your entire life and heal any human, plant, animal and machine.

She is a part of divine from her past lives. This is enough to prove how strong healing power she has. She has specially come on this earth to spread love between humans and equality between male and female child.

She is transforming many people’s life everyday across the globe. She is an amazing woman and is completely dedicated towards her work and her healing is like a magical experience for every client.

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