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One to One Healing Session

In one on one healing sessions, the problems of an individual are addressed and healed. During these private connections we are connected to our divine guidance for a person being healed from within themselves through Power of Powers which creates immediate relief in them as soon as they begin receiving it! This process can be very personalized depending upon your needs or those around you with similar concerns so don't hesitate - contact us today if this sounds like something worth exploring further!"

Distance Healing Session

In distance healing sessions all the problems of an individual are addressed and healed through a video call. During these calls we connect with divine Power of Powers, providing guidance to those being healed from what they need most - this experience can bring about relief for their ailments as soon as it starts!

Special Session

This Special session provides a detailed look at what's preventing the client from moving forward and also removes any blockages in their life. This is usually enough to get them on track for success!​

Past Life Detailing & Healing

This past Life Detailing & Healing Session can be in person or online. It's an effective, unique technique that we use to bring desired changes for the present-day stage of your journey through this lifetime!

Future Detailing & Healing

It's an exciting time for us. We are highly efficient, detail-oriented Time Travelers! So we can tell you about the future and change it in order to help our clients live their best possible lives--or heal any hurdles coming at them from that direction as well. This special service also provides guidance on how current events may impact what happens next with regards to health, family life or any other aspect of their life (even if they don't seem imminent) which gives our Clients peace of mind when making important decisions regarding these things

Empower The Vision of Your Soul

The journey to a beautiful life begins with self- discovery and enlightenment. This one month program will help you find it by identifying the desires of your soul, as well as defining what success means for each individual person in their own unique way! When we take this opportunity to understand ourselves on every level—mental health included--we become empowered individuals who can set goals based off our vision without fear or hesitation because they know how important achieving those ambitions truly are

Emotional Empowerment Online Program

This program is a revolutionary system of self-empowerment to help you remove your blocks and transform into the person who has been waiting for all along. In this life changing journey, we provide tools on how to deal with emotions in order to achieve goals that may seem impossible at first glance! This Online Program uses techniques which empower our feelings so they can do their job properly; allowing us peace of mind as well being proactive about any future challenges or concerns before they arise by being aware enough when something seems off but still not having an answer yet just incase anything does happen

Stress Release Online Program

This is a relaxing and wholesome online Stress Release program which helps you release stress. The techniques are very effective for making life happy or joyful, so give it a go!

Online Manifestation Program

This is a revolutionary online manifestation program that will help you remove your blocks and manifest anything in life.

Upgradation of Lifestyle - Manifestation of Desires

The desire to upgrade your lifestyle is always present. Why not manifest it? We can help with this, and there's no one who does a better job than us!

Aura Reading/Healing/Cleansing

We can read your aura, and we do it very effectively. In just one session with us you'll feel like a brand new person- changes are always big! It may sound too good to be true but our sessions have helped people from all over the world get rid of bad luck in their lives by clearing out any negative energy or spirit that might've been lingering around them for years without even knowing about it because they didn't know how to cleanse themselves beforehand.

Chakra Healing

Chakras are like the batteries of your body. If they're not working properly, it can cause problems and lead to illness in other parts of you system such as mental or emotional wellbeing. We do a lot more than just healers though; we also help align them so that their energies flow smoothly through all areas for optimum health, wealth and abundance -every single day!

Transform Your Life - Retreat Program

It is a very powerful and life transformative program where people stay with us for 7/15, 30 or 45 days. We transform them completely during multiple healing sessions as well as classes that are available to attendees of this amazing opportunity! Sight seeing of Jaipur's beautiful forts and temples and much more. You will be a completely changed person after this retreat. A real transformation is achieved.

The Power of OM Meditation

A unique meditation where one can actually experience the power of OM with Mrs. Vandana Sharma, in which she will guide you and hold your hand so that nothing goes wrong!

Energy Meals - Diet Plan

We provide a diet plan to the clients which is highly beneficial for their health and suits your energy. Our approach has been scientifically proven time after time, so we know that this will make all of the difference in how you feel both now as well as long term.

Crystal, Stones & Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Our high quality crystals, stones and Himalayan rock salt lamps are products from a trusted source in India with powerful energies specially created by Mrs Vandana Sharma to give you the best results possible!

Inner Child Healing

"Where the innerchild is healed to bring in life-transforming results." - This service is amazing!

Immunity Improvement Program

Power of Powers is the way to a healthier life. Achieving perfect immunity through this process will allow you not only to live in peak condition, but also feel great about yourself!

Body Scanning

Your future is in our hands. We can scan your body and tell you what physical issues to look out for, so that even if something does come up now it won't be as bothersome or disruptive later down the road! The scans are more powerful than any doctor's visit ever could be just by giving accurate information about potential problems before they arise.

Thoughts Reading/Sub Conscious Mind Reading

Mrs. Vandana Sharma has the perfect solution for any problem with your subconscious mind! She is able to read thoughts and resolve issues you may be having in that part of yourself, which means she can help people who are seeking out new ideas or solutions on how they should go about doing things differently than what has been working best so far because it will no longer apply once Mrs.Vandana reads through those crumbled walls inside our heads where negativity goes when we don't let ourselves think good things anymore-it's all just gone by then."

Psychic Reading

Mrs. Vandana Sharma's psychic abilities are very powerful and she can provide accurate predictions or readings in a session with her clients who want to know what will happen next.

I am Abundant Online Course

This is a 21-day course where participants learn to bring abundance in every aspect of their lives.

Yoga/Meditation Class

We offer a variety of life-changing meditations and powerful yoga sessions. These are designed for those who want to be more focused, productive in their individual lives as well as spiritually fulfilled!

Sleep Meditation Class

Mrs. Vandana Sharma has a way to help you release your worries and sleep well with these meditations that are sure not only make life better, but also more relaxing!

Akashic Records

The akashic records are read and the deep healing is done through a unique process that specializes in resolving issues.

Power of Powers Basic Course

Power Of Powers is a special blessing to Mrs.Vandana and family. We're not just teaching you a technique, we are empowering your life. We are expanding your horizon.Power of Powers is the most powerful healing technique in this world - using it you can heal yourself or others from afar and manifest your desires with ease! In 5 hours online/offline (or less), our course will transform even those who have never held any type power before into astoundingly successful individuals by showing them how to use these skills at their own pace through live interactions that earn certificates for authenticity practice so there's no need to ever feel powerless again because now YOU hold all the control over what happens next..

Manifestation Masterclass

The process of manifesting is a wonderful thing, and in this masterclass we'll teach you how to do it most effectively! The results are always great as this is the most powerful manifestation technique in the world.

Evening/Short Classes

We organise 2/3 hours evening or short classes in which the participants can experience this wonderful energy. These classes are "Spiritual Heart connection class”,"Soul Connection with Power of Powers","Breathe To Heal Workshop," “Manifestation masterclass”.

Kundalini Awakening

Life is at an entirely new level after this 8 day event. The true and real science behind kundalini awakening will be the powerhouse of your body, opening you up for life to give what it can't in its current state: more joy through experiences that feed on themselves!

Art of Self Motivation

Mr. Ajay Sharma has invented a unique art of self motivation by which the efficiency and productivity in humans can be multiplied, with individuals becoming more motivated than ever before! His invention is highly effective for those looking to be productive or achieve success at work-and it's completely free from any negative side effects as well; so everyone should take advantage of this new way forward if they want their lives transformed into something amazing !!!

Upgradation of Business

At Sekhem Healing Centre, we are specialized in upgrading any business with our high end service and result oriented approach. We have vast experience of working on all verticals to offer you the best possible solution for your company's needs!

Revival Of Business

A dead business can be revitalized and things change totally for the better. We have a very powerful, unique service that has been able to produce results like no other company out there!

Productivity Enhancement

It is possible to improve productivity and profits in a very effective manner with Our Special techniques developed by Mr. Ajay Sharma, which will multiply the company's success rate exponentially!

Upgradation of Lifestyle

Imagine a world where you can change your life at any time. Imagine the possibilities when there are no limits to what we want in front of us! This is why I am here for all those who need help upgrading their lifestyle and get on top again or start anew with premium service such as our Highly Unique Services That You Just Can't Find Anywhere Else On Earth!.

House Energy Work

Your House energies may not be suitable for you or the house is just too old. But we can improve its energy and make it a great place! We do this by getting rid of any negative vibes, ensuring there are no more complaints about Vaastu/Feng Shui problems in that area- since they don't exist anymore after our service has been completed-, as well as adding new positive life force into all verticals within your abode with ease using only natural methods which will give endless benefits both now and down future generations. It is effectively done without any alteration in your house structure and interiors.

SuperKids Workshop

The Super Kids Workshop is an exciting 3-hour workshop designed for kids aged 5 through 18. With the help of our expert instructors and high energy vibe, participants will be able take their first steps into becoming "SuperKids" by learning tips on how they can use these power energies in everyday life!


This is a special type of breathwork class that deals exclusively with healing your issues through power packed breathing techniques. Remember whatever we do is different from others - unique.

Sleep Manifestation Masterclass

Sleeping can be a very powerful state of manifesting your desires. How to accomplish this is being taught to you by Mrs. Vandana Sharma. And you can change your life while sleeping. One of the Unique Creations By Mrs. Vandana Sharma. ​

SuperKid Program

This is a unique proprietary program from Sekhem Healing Centre. As parents, we all want the best for our children. This program is for every parent who wants to see their child's maximum potential and provide guidance that is tailored to their child's needs. If you want your kid to be physically, emotionally, financially, and relationship-wise strong. If You want your kid to be happy, progressive, and abundant. If you want your kid to be groomed and empowered in such a manner that they will have a very high quality of body, mind, and soul. If you want your kid to be a highly motivated human with a high-value mindset. If you want your kid to be hurdle-free throughout his/her journey through life. And much more----------- Then enroll your kid for this exclusive program.

SuperHuman Program By Sekhem Healing Centre

SuperHuman Program

This is a unique proprietary program from Sekhem Healing Centre. The person doing this program will be a leader, sorted and an extraordinary successful human. It ensures that the person doing this program will have a very high quality of body, mind, soul. He / She will be happy, progressive, and abundant throughout life. To become a to be a highly motivated human with a high-value mindset and much more …………, enroll yourself today for this exclusive program and become a LIMITLESS SUPERHUMAN.

SuperPowerBusiness Program

This is a unique proprietary program from Sekhem Healing Centre. This program is for any individual Businessman to empower him / her so that the person can do the business in a great manner. Also we will empower his business. The person can grow the business limitlessly once he has done this program. The outcomes of this exclusive program from Sekhem Healing Centre will be extraordinary. All verticals of your business will improve. You will have all the qualities of an extraordinary businessman. So it will be a real SuperPowerBusiness.

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