About Us

About Us

Sekhem Healing Centre - World's Leading Healing & Wellness Company

The Sekhem healing centre was established with the aim to bring awareness about this wonderful science of healing, all over world. We have invented our own technique and given it a name – The Power Of Powers! It is a special blessing to our family. This is something new that can help those countless people who need their lives healed by us; irrespective of your country or cast , creed, religion, etc…

At the Sekhem Healing Centre, we offer a variety of services and programs for every individual to heal his entire life. Our professionals will help you get maximum benefits from it so there are no looking back in your journey towards wellness!

The techniques used by the healers at Sekhem Healing Centre are extremely powerful, and because of this they have been able to deliver results that come along with it. So far we’ve seen many people who were suffering from cancer, blindness, colour blindness, autism, Parkinson’s, MS, OCD, Lyme’s, alzhiemer’s or any other physical disability be healed completely as if there was nothing wrong in their body; deadly diseases like Ebola could also be cured when given enough time! Even brain dead person has got revival through Power of Powers. This is thanks mainly due to one very special relation between Master Healer Vandana Sharma and Divine Power of Powers herself: “She loves me,” said Mrs. Vandana Sharma proudly during an interview where she spoke highly on behalf of not only Herself but all those under Her care too.”

All members of the Sekhem Healing Centre are not just any healer, they’re blessed with some unique powers which makes them very special. Every member possesses The Power Of Powers and The Power of Goddess Sekhmet’s mastery; these include teacher/facilitator skills as well as time travelling abilities to heal past or future ailments!

Experience of

Power of Powers™

Balance Body, Mind & Soul

Power of Powers is the only healing modality which has no boundaries and can balance a person's body, mind & soul completely.

Gives You Whatever You Desire & Deserve

The Power of Powers is the Only Healing Modality which has no boundaries, limits or restrictions. It can give you whatever your heart desires; also it gives you whatever you deserve in your life. So actually it's limitless in its potential for healing!

It Covers Every Aspect Of Your Life

Power of Powers is the only healing modality which provides limitless treatment and has no boundaries. It works on every aspect of your life. It can be used anywhere, at any time with no restrictions on where it takes place or how long one must stay for treatment. It is independent of time, space, physical presence and distance. This way of helping people find peace in their lives by connecting them to other worlds beyond this universe makes Power Of Powers virtually unlimited as well!

Only Healing Modality To Heal Anything & Everything

Power of Powers is the only healing modality which has no boundaries and doesn't rely on time or space. With Power Of Powers, almost anything & everything can be healed & achieved!

Eliminates Whatever No Longer Serves You & Gives You Whatever is Important To You

Power of Powers is a highly intelligent and advanced healing modality which eliminates whatever doesn't serve you anymore, while giving what's important to give.

Only Healing Modality Which Is Completely Guided By Divine & It's The Most Powerful Healing Modality

The Power of Powers is the Only Healing Modality Which Is Completely word to word Guided By Divine itself and that's why it's The Most Powerful among all other healing modalities.

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